About Us

The seasons in our world are changing every waking, working, worrying moment in our lives due to climate change. The Sahara Desert got snowfall (What!) But there’s a bigger irony staring us in the face. The irony that fashion seasons, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, are sneakily causing climate change.

How so? Well, you know that stocks go out of season. But what it actually means is that they go out of stores and into dumping grounds. Also nothing in your wardrobe gets made without water, and we pollute a lot of it by washing and dyeing those cute little crop tops, tees or denims. So truthfully, the cool new styles are heating up the planet.

We exist to deal with this irony.

Enter Screaming Shirts.

What if we made something so fashionable that it never went out of fashion? Eureka!

The agenda is to make every piece of shirt live longer, and we’ve explored every way to do this.

Exploration 1 : Season? What season? Our bold, vibrant, and oh so loud prints aren’t gold, but diamonds. And diamonds are forever.

Exploration 2 : If you were to get bored of your screaming shirt or decided you’re getting a new personality, you can return our beloved back to us.

Exploration 3 : Torn isn’t always meant to be thrown. We will mend everything broken in your Screaming Shirt and happily so.

And for us, this was not enough. We made it even more fashionable through sustainability.

Our Attempt At


100% Organic Cotton

We have no place for toxicity and neither does organic cotton. It doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy to grow. 

0% Plastic (Not even a button)

We’re in business to put plastic out of business. Nothing about us will be plastic, even our buttons are coconut shells. 

Recyclable Packaging

Not just our shirts, our packaging too strives to be environment friendly. From paper tags to bags, everything’s 100% recyclable.

In the world of fashion, we’re outliers. Each shirt is a statement, meant to be heard loud and clear in a world that’s becoming increasingly indifferent. Our shirts are made with pride and should be worn the same. That’s why we do everything to make them a guilt-free purchase. 

Our Story

The Founders

The first time Jaspreet screamed at work was when she discovered fashion, she fell in love with it, but she screamed in horror once again, when she learned the realities of the fast fashion industry. So, she did what any reasonable person would do. Started her own company from scratch to realise her dream of a more conscious approach to fashion. But soon her sister, Tejpreet screamed at her for her poor business sense. So she smartly enlisted Tejpreet’s help and handed over the books to her. What a chic move! 

So now, we’re ready to make sure the screaming never ends with shirts that make your heart go aaaaaaaaah! 

Key People Of

Screaming Squad

Screaming Shirts is a mili juli prayaso ka nateeja (collective efforts) of our screaming squad.

Also a big shout to people who helped us in bringing our screams to you –  Kumari Nidhi, Parminder Kaur Cibbar (Mother), Ekbal Singh Cibbar (Father), Prakash Uttamchandani, Rushikesh Mandhare, Arvind Mali, Jeanie Basumatary, Yash Parwaney, Simran Kolekar, Mallika Subramanian, Sneha Agarwal, Meghna Ayyar, Yashna Parwaney, Chinmayjunejuly, Aishwarya Poojary, Aishwarya Dayanandan, Shivani ki Painting.

Jaspreet Kaur Cibbar


Tejpreet Kaur Cibbar


Lalit Mohan Bhatt

Finance Head

Raaj Anilkumar

Visual Communication Designer

Shubhangi Gupta


Arzita Borgohain