Torn doesn’t have to be thrown. In the event of minor damage we will gently diagnose and repair your shirts back to its glory days. Wounds do heal after all. So before you scream at the thought of losing a beloved shirt, write to us below. A stitch in time could save it from the grave.  


A long fulfilling life cannot happen without care. We’re doing what we can to make fashion sustainable and if we didn’t tell you your role in it, we would deserve to get screamed at. Now, now, don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do more. Only less. 

Less Washing

Our clothes don’t need so much washing. Because washing, even in a delicate cycle, breaks down the fibers every time. Wearing the shirt several times between washes can extend both its quality of life and lifetime. So we recommend a bath (for your shirts) only when they get dirty. 

Less Heat

Screaming Shirts don’t want to take the heat. So iron them with low temperature.

Less Bleach

Organic cotton and bleach don’t get along. It’s understandable, bleach decolors cotton slowly and painfully while also weakening its fibers. 

Less Vitamin D

Direct sun is not great because it can make your Screaming Shirt fade. Drying outdoors can reduce the wrinkles without weakening its fibers, just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight. 

Less Dry Cleaning

Natural cotton is best kept away from chemicals. Tetrachloroethylene used in dry-cleaning is bad for (you guessed it) the fibers and the heat can make your XL Screaming Shirt go L.