Here she comes. The slow click, that sharp clack, the sound of her heels, that would even make the devil shiver down to his bones, announces her arrival.
She is like the dream that makes you want to never wake up. Sadness in her eyes and an always lit cigarette pressed between her lips she walks like the world is hers to own but she refuses to buy it.
The beauty is there but the beast is in the heart. At first glance of her lean body you might underestimate her but when she moves. Oh! How she moves. Every step every turn possesses the power to disrupt the path of a hurricane.
The night has always been her home. She loses herself to the darkness and embraces the mess in her head.
She makes her own rules. She follows her own path. She makes her own choices. She and her 6-inch high heels have seen and been through the unimaginable and yet her stride is tall and strong as ever.
Nothing can stop her.

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