Oh! Look, he is dancing again. It’s like he is always on the search for reasons to dance. He must carry a plethora of music in his head, a record always ready to be played.
How amazing it must be to be him. Always holds his own, embracing his true self without compromise. Isn’t that how one should live their lives?
Yes, he is a misfit, his curves don’t match your curves. He is the neon orange in the world of pastels. Stands out everywhere he goes. It’s like the phrase –“out of the box” was created for him.
Don’t try to understand him. There is no meaning or reasons to his actions. One can only look from afar and appreciate his existence. The more you look the more you will realise that there is beauty in his chaos.
He makes it looks so easy, but it’s not. How could it be? The society that profits from your self-doubt, will always try to dim his light. But look at him, smiling and dancing again.
Ah! This must be it. This explains the dancing.He is always celebrating his victories against the society.He is truly the breathtaking mosaic of the battles he has won.
A masterpiece!

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