She turns the gas knob as the tea bubbles to the top. The colourful bangles in her hands jingles and echoes through the walls eradicating the air of melancholy.
While humming a familiar tune she pours the tea into the cups for everyone in her home. One by one she serves them moving effortlessly around the house , every corner, every turn memorized just like the words of a favourite song that you have sung a thousand times.
Shy as a mouse, doesn’t speak much, but her eyes! She has created her own world in her wide eyes.She is pure as the natural glaze of a white pearl. Her world is untainted just like the love she possesses in her heart. The love, not everyone deserves.
Look closely, maybe if you are fortunate enough you will get a glimpse of her world.
Nobody can make tea like her everybody in the house claims. It is true. Every drop contains her selfless love that she spreads out in the world without even uttering a word.
How strong her love must be.

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